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Often, clients will come to our website and fill out our free evaluation form and be mystified as to why their site isn’t ranking. Well, at Phoenix SEO Firm, we specialize in diagnosing those problems and can often tell you in just a few minutes exactly what is wrong with your site and why your rankings are so low. After you contact us, we will layout a simple easy to follow plan and will get your site back on track and back rising up Google. If you are still thinking about what is wrong with your site, you are just wasting time at this point. Let us take over and you get back to doing what you do best. We are Google Certified Partners, that means we know exactly what is needed to get you back to where you need to be.

Here are 3 common SEO mistakes that owners often overlook. Realize that most business owners can not seem to look at their own site from a customer’s perspective. Instead, they get a mind block and see the website as some sort of shrine to their business rather than as a sales tool to be used to convert traffic into business.

1. Always use original easy to read content on your site. Your visitors are coming to you looking for your service or item that you are providing. So your page should go about fulfilling their need as quickly and as in-depth as possible. If you have tons of fancy graphics, slow loading pages, or put the valuable related content at the bottom of your page, Google will reflect that. Remember Google tracks everything. If people come to your site and leave quickly, they aren’t finding what you are portraying as selling. That is bad news for your SEO rankings.

2. Your website should focus within one industry. If you are a dentist, you sell dentistry and dental related items. So your focus will solely be in that field. If you start trying to sell t-shirts as well off the domain, you are hurting your site. You are in the dental biz, not t-shirts.

3. Research and use relevant keywords naturally. The important word in that sentence is naturally. If you keyword stuff your pages, it will look unnatural. Google is a lot smarter than you think. The last thing you want is people to come to your page cause you are bulk stuffing keywords into the page and they have no natural flow to what the person is looking for.

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Remember, if you are delaying, your competition is only getting a bigger advantage.

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