Five Factors When Picking The Best SEO Services In Phoenix Arizona

Five Factors When Picking The Best SEO Consultants In Phoenix.
Picking the right SEO company can be vital to the success of your small business. Often times we will get clients that have come from some pretty bad experiences with other Search Engine Optimization Companies. With the boom of Pay Per Click traffic and Google dominating the search results with paid ads, clients are often confused with just who they are dealing with when they click on an SEO Consulting Firm.

1. Be Careful Of Low-End Prices.

A lot of companies will attempt to lure clients in with some very lowball offers. This should set off a couple alarms for you. Either they are going to nitpick you to death, or they are going to look to get you later. Often a lot of clients come to us shocked that they could be signed into such 1 sided contracts. Contracts that are written in such a way that a client often gives up the ownership of their domain in the process or is left with some giant buyout to even attempt to secure their design. To be considered the best SEO company, you need to be wary of these types of bait and switch. At Phoenix SEO, we don’t hide anything from you. This isn’t magic, it is something we do for all our clients.

2. Just Who Controls YOUR Domain.

You need to be careful with whoever it is that registers your domain. It is very important that your domain stays in your hands. It should be your name and address on all contacts associated with the domain, often referred to as your whois information. That means your phone number and your email address and your company. Often times these lower end companies will use some shenanigans to take over your domain, leaving you with no .com should you try to leave them. This can be a nightmare and sometimes force a client to just start over. If you work with the best SEO companies, this won’t happen.

3. Contracts, contracts, contracts..

These can be big trouble. Now a lot of companies do use them just to secure you for month to month work, but usually there are some hidden agendas in these contracts. And they are always slightly one-sided. And guess whose side they favor? Yep.. the shady business. Honestly, there really isn’t a needed reason for you to lock in your business with anyone at this point. It is of no advantage to you as a client. Make your SEO company earn your money. It is 2017, there are plenty of options for you. In the search engine optimization services business, this is a sticky subject. But, at Phoenix SEO, if you are unhappy or feel we misrepresented things, you shouldn’t have to stay, not even a day longer.

4. So wait.. where is this company from?

Remember this. A lot of your oddball emails and tin can sounding phone calls are originating from overseas with search engine optimization companies. Now often they will also employ U.S. based sales people to close the deal. These people are just that.. closers. They want to get you signed up and wrapped up and then you are shipped off to the corporate office in wherever they are really from. Knowing they have you locked in.. locked in by that contract that we mentioned before. SEO is a hot commodity. To be the best SEO company in Orange County you need to be competitive and now fight off 3rd world countries that try and trick you into using them. Just do some research on whoever is trying to sign you in. If it looks suspicious, it is. Phoenix SEO, is born and raised in Phoenix!

5. Don’t listen to anyone that promises instant miracles.

Google is more like a crockpot than a microwave. If you have a site that isn’t ranking or has a penalty attached to it, you won’t see any immediate leaps to top listing position. Any SEO company that says you will be top of the listings in less that 3 months, is lying to you. No Search Engine Optimization expert is going to to guarantee faster results. Does it sometimes happen? Of course, but if they are offering a guarantee, I would imagine there is also a small little contract for you to sign and hopefully not read. Phoenix SEO is the land of no contracts and the best seo companies in Arizona should all offer the same.

This is why Phoenix SEO doesn’t use contracts. No gimmicks, no weird plans. It isn’t necessary. If we can’t convince you that we are doing the best search engine optimization for you, then you should leave. We explain everything and always answer your emails.

Give us a try. Get a quote..

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